Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My recent life in Korea

Hi everyone!

Long time no post! I know...I'm really sorry. I've been really lazy with taking photos and writing about it and all that. Not only that, I didn't really go a lot of places to show it on blog.

Sigh, anyways!
SO, what have I been doing? If you are friends with me in Facebook, you probably noticed that I met a lot of friends last month. I met friends from the states (Grace, Eunice, Pastor Jenny, and Lisa) and friends from middle school I used to go in Korea (Seohyun, Seulki, Jieun, Sunyoung, and Sohwa.)

It was so awesome to meet everyone! It felt kind of weird and excited to meet friends from the states since we gathered in Korea! Who would've ever thought we will meet outside of US?

I haven't seen girls from middle school since the day I moved to the states, but I felt like I met them yesterday and felt I was going back to middle school days. I think I met them every week (well, not all together, but separately.) I can't wait to meet them again and hang out :) But I should workout harder before I meet them so I look different LOL.

As for diet... I haven't lost a lot for 2 - 3 weeks now because I've been meeting friends every week, I went out every other day or so, so it has been tough for me to lose weight, but it doesn't mean I didn't exercise though! My friends from church said I look like I lost weight..maybe I gained some muscles and lost some fat, but then I don't want to gain muscles because I have a lot of muscles....it's above average. darn. I don't know, as long as I look better right? lol. I still lost a lot but still have to lose about 25 lbs more in 4 months..that's about 6 lbs per month. DARN. I hope I can do it...

I will post more later on this week if I have anything to share.

Hope everyone is well!